Online Casinos With Live Dealers

The casinos with live dealers provide players with one of the most exciting ways to gamble online by delivering just that - a live dealer. These casinos use a combination of modern Internet technology to deliver a streaming video of a real person dolling out the cards, spinning the wheels of a roulette table, and handling money. Web cameras capture live feeds of these dealers, with whom you can communicate through an easy to use chat interface. For those who would rather not place their faith in a random number generator, these live dealers will allow you to play online casino games directly in your home with an even more realistic look and feel to it.

Some potential players have made the claim that online casinos are simply not easy to trust due to the fact that the games are not transparent. Real casinos carry tactile experiences, where you can see and feel the cards, witnessing every last detail of the game. With the online casinos that operate with a live dealer, you will be able to have the same experience, well, you can see the cards at least. The cards being used are much larger than a standard set of cards, so you can see everything clearly and in high definition. Though not all games available through the live dealer casinos, you will be able to most of the more popular casino games backed by a live dealer being spectated over a web cam.

The most common games found with a live dealer are also some of the more commonly played casino games. Blackjack is an obvious favorite. This game is played with a live dealer more than any other, so expect to find an even wider range of stakes than most other games. Roulette players can also find that there is a live dealer option, this is one of the easier games to play through a webcam. The wheel and ball are slightly larger, so you can see each spin of the wheel and where the money is set to go. Baccarat is also a commonly played live dealer game found through online casinos. Though a brick and mortar casino may only have high stakes play for this game, you will find that online casinos are vastly less restrictive on who they will allow to participate in this game, with stakes ranging from low to high.

There is only a few types of software that has online casinos with live dealers. Playtech casinos are the most common, though there are some proprietary types of casino software that have incorporated a live dealer into their service. Even if there are not that many casinos operating live dealers, we have found several that can be easily played. We are sure that you will enjoy these without too many problems, provided you have a browser capable of running these casinos, the bankroll to back your play, bust mostly the will to do so.

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5 Dimes Casino - Live Blackjack, Roullette, + More

While 5Dimes is predominantly a sportsbook, they also host their own brand of casino. Within this casino you will find live dealer games, and they host the more popular of the games - baccarat, blackjack and roulette. With 5Dimes you will be able to play these games with a fairly wide set of stakes. They offer a 50% match to $125 in free cash, which can be collected with most of their deposit methods. You will be able to fund your account by way of VISA, MasterCard, e-checks, MoneyLineWallet and wire transfers can all be used to fund your account. This is one of the most trusted casinos on the market and we can tell you that they are one of the most secure available.

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FAQ'S About Online Casinos With Live Dealers

1) What do I need to play live dealer games?

The Java and Flash plug-ins are generally required for these games.

2) Can I actually communicate with the dealers of these games?

Yes. You will be able to chat with the dealer, and you will be able to do so simply by chatting, as if it were an instant message or a chat on Facebook. They will generally respond verbally.

3) Are the cards shuffled by the dealer?

Automatic shufflers are used to shuffle the cards, so every draw of the cards is totally legitimate.

4) Will I be playing with other players at the live dealer tables?

Yes. You can be put at a table, particularly blackjack, with other players.

5) Can I apply my bonus to the live dealer tables?

Generally speaking, you will be able to use your deposit bonuses through the online casinos with live dealers.

Do these live dealer casinos accept USA players?

All of the sites that we listed above are currently accepting deposits from USA players. The sites that are listed above are some of the best legal online gambling sites available.